Resources: Health & Wellness

These are a few North Texas area professionals. 



  Feleshia Porter, M.S., LPC-S

  Renee Baker, Ph.D.EE, MAPC, LPC-Intern, Supervised by Feleshia Porter, LPC-S,

  Michael Bledsoe, MS, Mth, LPC-Intern, Supervised by Feleshia Porter, LPC-S, 817-247-3517

  Judy Cannon, Ph.D., LMFT



Medical/HRT Doctors

  Dr. Courtney Ridley, M.D.                    972-393-1300

  Dr. Karen King, D.O.                              214-328-7400

  Dr. Terry Watson, D.O.                        214-520-7200

  Dr. Paul Stephen Worrell, D.O.            214-349-4909

  Dr. Stephen Dorfman, M.D.                  214-363-5535

  Dr. Jaime Vasquez, M.D.                       214-528-1083


MTF and FTM Transgender Surgery

  Dr. Peter Raphel

Building community in the

world of gender!

North Texas Gender Friends does not have an office location.  If you have questions or need to get started, please contact Renee at 214-607-5620 or